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What is Question Explorer?

Keywords are questions or phrases that the audience asks on the Google bar to get answers from the search engine. In other words, keywords questions are important because they bring in a search result within seconds for the audience. Hence, if you use Question Explorer, you will get a list of questions that visitors or consumers are querying. If you find out the customers' questions, you get to know what kind of keywords are best to attract your potential clients to your site and, in turn, increase the traffic.

On the Google bar, each word or phrase you type is a question, and the search engine must find it out and bring out the results. It may sound a little tedious, and there are chances that you may find leaving out some important keywords in the process. You can find these keywords manually on SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages, or you may think them out creatively. You may use a data-based Question Generator tool to get the best keyword question.

How Does Questions Explorer Work?

The Question Generator is generally a free tool, and they have a solid database background to get you any number of keywords relevant to your business. It can get data not only from Google but also from YouTube, third-party APIs. The questions are just the phrases the audience would be thinking while placing their query. These queries help traffic to your site and get you top ranking on SEO.

Are Questions Enough for Getting Results?

Simply placing queries by customers on the search engine is not enough. Some competitors are equally smart like you. However, if you answer the questions generated by the audience, then your business will improve dramatically. The Question Explorer will help you get the right queries so that you utilize the opportunity to answer them then you will see results.