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What is IP Lookup?

IP lookup is a tool to look up another person's IP address. IP lookup determines the location of the IP address. It means that when you find out another person's IP address, you get to know the person's city, state, or region. You also understand the postal or zip code, country name, ISP, and time zone. However, there is a problem: when you are looking for an IP address, you are, in reality, finding out the IP location databases. It also means that the databases' reports may not be fully correct as each may report differently.

IP addresses, in some cases, are just about approximate due to several reasons. For instance, the place of registration is important. There may be controlling agencies determining where the IP address is situated. There are VPN providers that have the main IP address for many clients. There is yet another reason why the IP address may turn out to be a false one. It depends upon the regional location database.

How to Locate an IP Address?

You can locate an IP address by taking the help of the command prompt on your Windows. Then you type 'ping' followed by the website URL that you want to trace. Next, run the 'Tracert" command on the IP. Your next step is to place the IPs into an IP Lookup Tool.

How does the IP Lookup Work?

A ping network tests and transmits the data to a specific IP address and gets either a confirmation or a denial. In this way, the ping network gives information about the nature of connectivity between IP devices. However, there are also other kinds of IP lookup services, and the most powerful types are put into application by the law enforcement authorities. In other services, all you need to do is copy and paste the IP address you want to locate on the search bar. Within moments you get to know the person's geo-location.